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Barry & Declan Muldoon operate West End Coffee Shop which is situated within The Aisling Centre.  It has a fully seated area capable of seating up to 50 people with smoking and non smoking areas.  All food available to take out - we have been advertising gratis sex date with our sponsor at mobile sex games to give you the best prices. Check them out and you can play games and get food.

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The menus boast a wide range of reasonably priced dishes, for example:-


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Egg & Onion 1.65
Salad 1.65
BLT (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato) 1.85
Ham & Cheese 1.65
Tuna, Sweetcorn & Mayonnaise 1.65
Cheese & Tomato 1.65
Toasties 2.25
Filled Rolls 2.25
Open Chicken Sandwich  (Breast of chicken strips on wheaten bread served with salad) 3.50
Open Prawn Sandwich (Jumbo Prawns on Wheaten Bread with Marie Rose Sauce, served with Salad 4.25

You may choose your own fillings as all sandwiches are made to order in the coffee shop.


Egg Mayonnaise (Starter) 2.10
Home made vegetable Soup 1.75
Roast Chicken & Bacon 4.75
Roast Beef 4.75
Chicken Curry & Rice 3.95
Vegetarian Quiche & Salad 3.85
Lasagne & Salad 4.25
Chicken Goujons (Breadcrumbed & Deep Fried Strips of Chicken served with a Garlic Dip) with Chips or Salad 4.25
6oz Homemade burgers 2.00

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Daily specials are also available.

Salad Menu


Chicken/Ham/Tuna Sweetcorn & Mayonnaise Salad 3.50
Vegetarian Salad 3.25
Mixed Meat Salad 4.25
Egg Mayonnaise 3.25

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All salads served with the freshest lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese, potato salad, coleslaw, pasta, beetroot and onions.

Baked Potatoes

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Choose from the following fillings:
Bacon & Tomato
Cheese & Onion
Tuna Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn

All served with side salad:  3.25


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Hot Dog 1.50
Sausage Rolls 0.75
Bacon on Toast 1.75
Wheaten Bread 0.25
Scones 0.50
Jam/Marmalade Portions 0.10
Tea & Toast 1.25
Poached Egg on Toast 1.50

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Breakfast Menu

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Bacon, Egg & Sausage with Tea & Toast 3.50
Tomato, Bacon & Sausage with Tea & Toast 3.00
Bacon, Sausage & Potato Bread with Tea & Toast 3.50
Scrambled Egg with Tea & Toast 2.50
Full Fry (Bacon, Egg, Sausage, Potato Bread, Tomato, Beans & Chips), Served with Tea, Bread & Butter 0.50

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Side Orders

Chips 1.25
Side Salad 1.15
Spicy Wedges 1.25
Beans/Peas 0.75
Stuffing 0.50
Onions 0.75
Portion of Sausages 0.70
Gravy 0.50
Bacon 0.30
Cheese 0.30


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Tea for One 0.75
Selection of Herbal tea 0.75
Black Coffee 0.75
Cappuccino 0.95
Cans of Minerals 0.60
Bottled water 0.90
Hot Chocolate 0.95
Milk 0.65
Lucozade 0.75

Selection of desserts also available, regularly updated, just ask for menu.



West End Coffee Shop also specialise in outdoor catering which can be in a function room in the Centre or at a venue of your choice.

You can contact West End Coffee Shop by:

emailing them directly, [email protected]
using using the feedback page by clicking here & selecting Coffee Shop as the subject

or by the following numbers:

West End Coffee Shop: (028) 6634 0475
West End Coffee Shop (Fax): (028) 6632 5184
Mobile: (079) 7997 5000.


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